Ambiance, Top Team Building in the Carpathian Mountains for our developers C#

Ambiance, Top

Team Building in the Carpathian Mountains for our developers C#

The beginning of October came with a team-building in the mountains during a weekend. The good humor and relaxed ambiance joined us again, .NET specialists, C# developers, iPhone developers, Android developers, PHP ZEND developers…

We chose the beautiful village Moeciu de Sus, because we appreciate the agrotourism, we are passionate about mountain trips, we want to feel the nature in its glory, and not least, because we like to spend together moments of relaxation and recreation.

An ecotourism route through the neighborhood was one of the objectives of the Saturday.
Paths full of variegated leaves, clearings, vistas of rugged mountains, and the smell of haystacks, the talks with locals, horse carts, made us feel like we were in the pages of a book with pictures.
Bran Castle, made famous by the character Dracula in the novel written by Bram Stoker (1897), captivated some of our colleagues fond of mystic legends.
I have also taken advantage of our boarding house courtyard for a few games of petanque and volleyball.

Evening program came as a reward after a full day of movement, exercise and staying outside as much as possible. We had delight in rustic ambient, warm environment and traditional dishes, typical to the region. A camp fire was waiting for us in the courtyard. We sang around the fire; we were also in luck with a full moon, I used the opportunity to take pictures. Bogdan, Monica and Alex, more courageous, jumped over the fire. I participated as scheduled to some dynamic group activities (games), such as solving puzzles, riddles, gathering of clues.
All this allowed us to disconnect from everyday life into a fiction where confrontation was merely symbolic, aiming at a better closeness between participants.

This autumn team-building was held in a relaxed, tonic, pleasant and friendly ambience, which favored strengthening interpersonal relationships, improving communication between us. As in sport, teamwork is the one which provides the performance and success of a company.

As a conclusion, Radu, iPhone developer but also a creative spirit with artistic inclinations, proposed me an original overview: «fresh mountain air, the serenity of the places, activities practiced, kind of tied us together even more. We form a compact, winning team: together we manage to be like the metal balls of the petanque game, always closer to the target».

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