Apps Android / IPhone, Top Indoor geolocation application for Tranoï

Apps Android / IPhone, Top

Indoor geolocation application for Tranoï

Tranoï 2015 is dedicated to professional exhibitions placed in different locations and it is based on a back-office application for parametrization of indoor maps related to the list of exhibitors. Created by Beler Soft programmers in C# language based on an original idea, this mobile application enables quick parametrization of the maps downloaded as images, stands and services location, routes configuration according to the visitor’s preferences.

Objectives: optimization of the time spent by visitors travelling through a complex location and detailed presentation of exhibits.

Ordered by BCOM communication agency (, the mobile application replaces the printed catalogue of the exhibition.
Thus, visitors can benefit of an optimized tour of the stands while recording and exchanging comments.
Exhibitors post photographs, add descriptions and interpret the latest fashion trends.
A special feature of the application is the retention of the whole history attached to an exhibition, which grants visitors access to the information available for previous editions.

Native iOS and Android mobile applications for indoor geolocation Tranoi 2015 integrate APIs like Google Maps API, Calendar API and Cloud Messaging. They offer the possibility to receive Push notifications through Beler Push Server for the purpose of receiving real-time information about the events taking place at the current exhibition as well as communications regarding future editions.

Beler development team did its best to create a pleasant, simple and intuitive application, with a design adapted to the technical requirements imposed by Tranoi.

The visitor can have a comprehensive view of the event with the help of a full set of functionalities:

– calendar of events for planning visits before the event;
– full list of exhibitors with all contact details, constantly updated; option to register meetings, to contact exhibitors via email, to synchronize events with Google Calendar; search based on location, event, product etc.;
– recording of photographs, videos, notes or vocal memo during the visit;
– selection of favorite exhibitors with instant display of the information published by them;
– use of the indoor geolocation function which permanently provides visitors information about their current location, both indoors and outdoors and shows the shortest route to the target stand;
– option to store in the phone memory the comments attached to the selected exhibitors, before and after the event, which also provides access to the latest news published by them.

This Beler Soft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) developed geolocation system can adapt to any type of indoor location and information.
It is very useful in exhibition centers, airports, shopping malls, parking places, museums, touristic areas etc.
Depending on the customer’s needs, our teams of C# and mobile developers can customize this state-of-the-art application for smartphones for optimized visitors’ guidance in an extended area.
Do not hesitate to contact us via this link or call at 021 320 86 08.

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