Ambiance, Categories Beler Team celebrated the end of 2016

Ambiance, Categories

Beler Team celebrated the end of 2016

Like a family, we organized our traditional yearly party to celebrate the end of 2016, having as guests all Beler collaborators and their partners. It was a moment eagerly anticipated by all of us, a good opportunity to reunite and relax together.

For this event we chose a Czech pub, centrally located, in the Bucharest’s Old Town area: THE PUB, Regina Elisabeta Blvd.
The pub offers a unique concept in Romania, the consumer being taken to a different interactivity level, where the idiom “let the beer flow” becomes reality: the tables, all equipped with incorporated tap machines and a touchscreen gave us the pleasure to pour the beer for ourselves in pints and start a real beer “contest”.
The atmosphere was cosy and elegant, the DJ and the music were to our liking and the buffet was garnished with delicious food, with the famous homemade hamburger as VIP.
Those who preferred something else than beer enjoyed alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails or wines perfectly matched with the food, everything consumed with moderation.

In this original environment we spent a pleasant evening together, we got better acquainted with the new team members and strengthened old relationships.

“A company where people are happy is a successful company” and the wellbeing at work of each and every team member is important to us – that is why our objective is to constantly surprise practical side of each day. We are spending the best years of our life in a professional environment, so let’s make it as pleasant and stimulating as possible!

At the beginning of the new year we are starting a new adventure of 365 days, we make available for our customers all our resources and passion for our job, we are waiting and we are ready for new challenges!

Happy New Year, 2017 !

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