Ambiance, Apps Android / IPhone, Top, Web Design Look Confidence: original application for relooking

Ambiance, Apps Android / IPhone, Top, Web Design

Look Confidence: original application for relooking

Interview with Marie-Amélie JEHANNO, President of MesdemoisellesMA, about Look Confidence application created by a Beler Soft team of iOS developers.


What is Look Confidence all about?

Look Confidence is an application for relooking. In a simple and recreational way you can choose the most suitable outfit (clothes, shoes, accessories), according to the latest fashion trends, to your morphology and to colorimetry (the study of colors).

You create your own avatar (you can choose between 5 available morphologies, all skin complexions, different hair styles and practical tutorials). Then, with the help of “Look Designer”, you can create custom outfits. These outfits are analyzed by the application and you receive a notification for each outfit created: you find out whether what you have chosen suits you or not. If it doesn’t suit you from your morphology point of view, or your skin complexion, the application suggests other hair styles, other skin complexions, other combinations which better suit and advantage you.

Look Confidence also helps you match colors correctly, through the “Color Designer” module, designed based on the color sphere of Johannes Itten, the most renowned colorimetry theorist. We built it in order to propose the best chromatic matches in an easy-to-use graphic: harmonious combinations of colors are obtained for garments, and even for interior design and different presentations etc.
Extremely intuitive, the chromatic disk is an original creation which associates a large number of color and brightness levels: each color declines in shades, nuances and tonalities, being in the same time able to use neutral colors: white, black and grey.

Furthermore, each user benefits from a personal space “Mon Look Confidence”, and the associated function “Diagnostic Dressing”, created after an innovative idea, is very useful for wardrobe management: on one side it enables you to identify the garments that you would need, and on the other side, it selects from your wardrobe the clothes and accessories that you should avoid wearing. Thus you will end up creating your ideal wardrobe, and the “Wish list” function will counsel you to smartly buy what you wish from where you wish to.
Actually, Look Confidence can be your personal advisor available for you anytime and anywhere, that will help you highlight your natural beauty, express your personality and simply shine depending on where you go or who you meet.

We, each of us, benefit from a great deal of creativity! I am anxious to find out how the Look Confidence application will be used…

Why did we create Look Confidence?

Look Confidence, as its name says, gives a primordial importance to the self-confidence a woman feels when she looks in the mirror. Not all of us can consult an outfit advisor; we don’t have the necessary time or the budget available to always dress in harmony with our looks, complexion and morphology. Look Confidence can be the appropriate solution in choosing the ideal outfit.

Why did we choose Beler Soft?

For the pragmatism that they have proven. We had consulted three companies. Beler differentiated through the best reactivity and great transparency of the commercial offer. Then, Beler described in a clear and well-defined way the project objectives and phases: planning, deliverables, … Different technical solutions proposed at development and graphics level led to a performant result of the end-product: harmonious interface, creation of an innovative chromatic disk, simple access of users to custom advice. The fluidity of communication with Beler team confirmed once again that we made the right choice: high level of expertise, reactivity, flexibility and all in a hospitable and relaxing working atmosphere!

A closing line?

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Shine Lookistas!

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