Ambiance Athletic Team-Building for Beler team!


Athletic Team-Building for Beler team!

Autumn is here! After relaxing festival holidays, what can be more suitable for the Beler team than a “real” oxygenation, in the woods? A true source of positive communication, of creativity stimulation, beneficial for a forceful restart of our projects with an aim to performance.

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 we organized an Athletic Team Building in the amusement park at Cernica. Ideally located in a widely spread broad-leaved forest, 15 km away from Bucharest, Phoenix Aventura Parc has greeted us with a picturesque scenery and a dreamy view over the anthropic Cernica lake.

We launched ourselves on the eight routes in the trees, all of progressive difficulty, from easy to very hard. We are all adventurers and in the mood for an adrenaline rush. Wooden ladders, ropes and trees were the best way to have fun and to activate both our minds and our muscles: successful finish of a route meant dexterity, coordination, force, courage and determination.

We also tried the 800m long zip line over the lake, the two traverses being spectacular and having a stimulating and energizing effect.
Collective sports – archery, badminton, volleyball, football tennis – made our day by delighting and cheering us.

We ate and relaxed in the picnic area, hot coffee and croissant for breakfast, rural menu for lunch, permanently accompanied by a super dose of humour and cheerfulness.

All ingredients were there in order for these moments to remain unforgettable; we will do it again for sure!

We thank everyone for participation, enthusiasm and involvement; batteries are now recharged for new professional challenges.

Here are some memories from this day of adventure …

  • 02 aventura
    02 aventura
  • 03 tiroliana
    03 tiroliana
  • 04 foisor
    04 foisor
  • 05 fotbal
    05 fotbal
  • 06 tir-arc
    06 tir-arc

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