HTML5, Internet Why develop an application using AngularJS?

HTML5, Internet

Why develop an application using AngularJS?

Do you want your website to perform better, to be more functional, and at the same time to be as attractive as possible for visitors, with flawless design by means of complex animation? Do you wish to spare the loading time of pages on the server? AngularJS helps you optimize applications by adding new functionalities.

Why use AngularJS ?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework built and maintained by Google, which makes web applications development easier.

AngularJS provides a standard for applications at client level (browser), offering a robust structure, easy to implement in the development of websites.

AngularJS is the right choice for any type of web application, especially when the focus is on spectacular visual effects. The result is a fluid and fast website. This is why it is perfect for SPAs (Single Page Application) and for web applications dedicated to mobile devices.

AngularJS can be easily integrated with Bootstrap and enables the creation of responsive applications which can be accessed both from the computer installed browser and from mobile devices.

AngularJS can be easily integrated with Bootstrap and enables the creation of responsive applications which can be accessed both from the computer installed browser and from mobile devices. Hence, it is easy to create a single web application which can be perfectly viewed on any device from which it is accessed – PC, tablet, phone, plasma screen.

Angular, Backbone or Ember?

Let’s make a comparative analysis of some of the main strengths / weaknesses of the most popular open-source JavaScript platforms: Angular, Backbone and Ember.

In order to make the best choice to fit your needs, an analysis of certain criteria helps to make a preselection from the very beginning.

The community plays an important role in choosing a JavaScript framework.

A big community means more answers to the questions addressed on forums, more third-party modules and last but not least, more tutorials.


Frameworks development and growth rate, highlighted using Google Trends.


Loading time of the pages is important for the success of the site – if we take into account the fact that more and more we use tablets and mobile phones to connect to the Internet and that these devices use a page loading time superior to the classic connection.

In our case, when Javascript libraries are brought from the server, they are minified and compressed.

But, besides the framework’s size, the sizes of other libraries necessary for functioning must also be taken into account.

E.g.: Backbone.js, despite the fact that it is the smallest (only 6.5kb), requires both Underscore.js (5KB) and jQuery (32KB) or Zepto (9.1kb).


Advantages of development by using AngularJS

One of the major advantages of AngularJS is the platform development and maintenance team, which is made up of dedicated engineers from Google. This provides benefits such as code performance, robustness and scalability and make the platform easier to integrate with web projects.
Another good result is regular update of the platform with the latest novelties in the web development area.

Even though AngularJS was taken over by Google in 2010, the platform is still open-source. Which is an advantage, due to the fact that it remains free.

The structure of applications developed using Angular is intuitive and the framework is flexible enough to ease and increase projects’ development speed.
The platform requires a development model based on a MVVM (Model View View Model) structure, design pattern which uses the modularity of MVC concepts and makes the integration of HTML templates with Javascript processing extremely easy (by two-way data-binding).


The modules created in Angular at Javascript level are easy to integrate due to the fact that the framework comes with the capacity of injecting dependencies, which also contributes to the scalability of the code.

Page loading speed is small due to the fact that most communication with the server is asynchronous and calls to the server are reduced, most of the visual interface being moved on the client (in the browser).


AngularJS enables the creation of responsive applications and improves the experience of the user on the website due to its flexible platform, can be easily integrated with other automated testing frameworks (Enterprise-level Testing – Unit Testing) as well as with UI level design frameworks.
As soon as the application is stable and was tested, a final optimization necessary for the version which will be launched in production can be done by a simple integration of an automation system of the publishing processes (e.g.: Grunt).

Final result: a fluid, light application developed in a short time interval, which gathers a wide variety of exceptional visual effects and graphic animation. It is easy to maintain and benefits from a high loading speed.

AngularJS is a high-performance framework, intuitive, attractive and perfectly fitted for mobile platforms.

Do you wish to have an innovative application to boost your business? Work with Beler Soft AngularJS team and you can benefit from all the advantages of this polyvalent framework. Our developers have excellent technical skills and are extremely adaptive: the project will be easily monitored, your web and mobile applications will comply with the highest performance criteria.

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