PHP Development, Internet, Top Our PHP ZEND developers creatively use QR codes

PHP Development, Internet, Top

Our PHP ZEND developers creatively use QR codes

By using the PHP/ZEND Framework technology, a Beler development team has integrated a new concept imagined by our customer, Jean Louis VIVAS. The project allows events and touristic sites photographers to make the photos available for the people who were photographed, via Internet.
The scope of the application is the guarantee of photographs confidentiality: customers can only view their own photographs.
Any photographer, from anywhere around the world, can use the franchise offered by the website, by becoming a Partner photographer.
A tourist who takes photos in a touristic site (amusement park, Eiffel Tower, …) can view and order the photos for different purposes: download on the computer, printed on paper or on other objects (T-shirt, keychain, magnets, mugs etc.), by using

The concept is based on assigning a series of photos to a ticket. The ticket contains a unique QR code (having embedded in it an identifier and a password). The ticket is also photographed and then given to the tourist. When the photographer downloads the photos on the computer, the application (developed in C#) analyses the photos, recognizes the QR codes and associates the series of photographs to these codes.
The photographer, through his partnership with, has access to a ticket (with QR code) generating application and prints the tickets independently. The photographer thus secures the access to these photographs: only the holder of the QR code can access his/hers photos.

For tourists, the advantage of this application is that a photo made one day in an amusement park will be available very fast. The waiting time at the counter, as well as the selection of own photos among those of all the other visitors of the respective venue is thus avoided.

Combined development of the e-commerce site done in PHP ZEND Framework with .NET C# modules provided a robust and evolutive architecture to the entire project.
The objectives and performances proposed for photographs quick download and fluid use of the website by the customers were reached only thanks to the high-performance object programming system of ZEND Framework and the expertise of our PHP ZEND developers.

How does the application work, in only a few clicks:







WED, the founding company of the project, organizes on demand live or Skype training sessions, allowing users to learn all the elements of the application.

The use of a QR code enables today instant passage from a real image to a precise Internet link. From the communication opportunities point of view, a QR code provides the user with immediate and extremely simple access to information from many areas like: sales, advertising, logistics (…).

If you plan to make new developments …
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