Ambiance, .NET Development, Top C ≠ Developers, between Programming and Hobby
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Ambiance, .NET Development, Top

C ≠ Developers, between Programming and Hobby

Beler Soft encourages hobbies, be they personal or collective. They allow our programmers to feel accomplished and involved in their workplace through their various objectives and responsibilities.
Do you love sports, music, dance, painting? Because we do! These hobbies are very well appreciated and are a perfect counterpart to this technical workplace, in a company like ours where creativity plays such an important part.

In this context, where speed is the main ingredient and stress exists at every step, we have chosen a harmonious lifestyle, balancing out our jobs (programming) and our leisure. We all have a Beler DNA, we are passionate, dynamic, with a powerful entrepreneurial mind.

When discussing our extra-professional hobbies, we could classify them in two major groups: a mostly physical type – body in motion, and an artistic type, based on expression as a means of communication.
Sports and art mingle together to erase all borders: they both require hard work, talent, mobility, elegance and dexterity.

Some things are worth noting, however:
– sports, at whatever level, marries qualities such as team spirit, analysis and synthesis, decision-making, resistance, reaching and surpassing objectives.
– art and body expressions are vectors of creativity, communication, harmony, innovation.

Some of our favorite sports are: cycling, jogging, marching, marathon, trekking, climbing, mountain climbing, swimming, dancing.

Our colleagues who have chosen art share their experience and love for music and composition, painting, cartoons and comic strips, cake design, fashion.

Generally, we see programming as a modern form of craftsmanship. The brain orders the fingers what to write down, in order to create the best end product.
Leaders in our own roles, we get involved in all professional or personal projects with all the passion in our hearts, and this is one of the key elements which characterize us.

Congratulations to the entire Beler team who can reach a harmonious balance of professional and personal projects.

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