Ambiance, Internet, Web Design

Beler Soft keeps up with Web Design trends of 2017

In terms of web design, 2016 brought us a lot of dynamism and creativity. 2017 excels however by new trends. The web industry is every time in a constant...

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HTML5, Internet

Why develop an application using AngularJS?

Do you want your website to perform better, to be more functional, and at the same time to be as attractive as possible for visitors, with flawless design by...

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PHP Development, Internet, Top

Our PHP ZEND developers creatively use QR codes

By using the PHP/ZEND Framework technology, a Beler development team has integrated a new concept imagined by our customer, Jean Louis VIVAS. The project...

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HTML5, Internet, Web Design

HTLM5: Canvas element for 2D drawing

For some of our projects we use the < canvas > tag, an option specific for HTML standard, which provides a simple solution for the representation of 2D...

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